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2023 "Back to School" Kids Kingfish Derby

2023 "Back to School" Kids Kingfish Derby

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July 29th, 2023

Open to the PUBLIC (Anyone)

The "Back to School" Kids Kingfish Derby is an invitation to go fishing. ... Unlike a tournament or fishing rodeo, where the emphasis is usually on competition and profit, our fishing derby places emphasis on the kids and their exposure to fisheries resources and the sport of fishing. Cost is $25 Per Kid, all fish proceeds will go to Safe Harbor Boys Home.
Brief Overview:
- 2 Age Brackets: Pre School: ages 6 and under and Juniors ages 7 to 15,
Top Boat Prize - Top boat will be determined by the total aggregate weight of all kid’s fish. Only 1 fish per kid. 
- First Kingfish Drawing and awards. A kid that catches their first ever kingfish will be put into a drawing for a prize.
- We plan to give away as many places/prizes until we run out of money.
- Every kid that weighs a fish gets something (looking at a medal)
- Every Cent taken in will be spent on the kids!

Rules Overview:
- No Check out
- 7am is the earliest time of Lines-In
- 2pm Lines-Out
- Weigh-in for Jacksonville participants will be at Palms Fish Camp Restaurant. 

- Mutilated fish will be weighed for the kids (picture & medal), but will not count to the tournament standings.

- Weigh-in begins at 12pm and ends at 4pm
- East Boundary is the 81.00 line